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“By the year 2025,

I will source 75% of my food

from within 100 miles.”

Can a little vow like this make a big difference?

A personal vow like this may at first seem insignificant, in the face of the crises we face at a global scale. But think again:  if a critical mass of us join in, this humble promise could change how humans live on our planet.


Todd Wynward and his allies at TiLT are launching a national movement in 2014 called the 25/75/100 Bioregional Food Covenant.

It may start small and unnoticed, but in the next ten years it just may foster a fundamental change in the way Americans eat and source their food. Check it out, join us, and make your own commitment!

Here's an article Todd wrote on the subject. Todd regularly writes and presents about the Bioregional Food Covenant — contact him for more information.